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    AXION Clean Mold Remediation

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    Why us? . . . Three VERY GOOD reasons . . .

    1 . Demolition Free2 . Save Time and Money3 . AXION Guarantee

    1 .

    Demolition Free Mold Removal

    No demolition. No Construction Zone. We destroy mold, not your home.

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    2 .

    Save Time and Money

    Dry Fog Technology allows us to get the job done faster and lower cost saving you TIME and MONEY.

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    3 .

    A X I O N . Guarantee

    We Guarantee our service. We back it up with independent testing so you can KNOW the job was done right.

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    Mold can be incredibly destructive to your health. Its symptoms start as subtle as migraines, brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, restlessness, sleep apnea, coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, etc. But it gradually escalates to far more serious symptoms like anxiety, depression, and even longterm neurological damage. In any case, mold is NOT something you want in your home. AXION Clean Mold Remediation can take care of the Mold without destroying your home.


    Viruses and germs can dramatically impact our lives, as we have recently experienced through the pandemic. The way your business responds to risk of pathogens and germs can directly affect your ability to conduct business and the lives of the people you serve. Taking a proactive approach can protect your customers, employees, and business reputation. AXION Clean offers best in industry disinfecting services. Not only will it decontaminate your space now, it will protect surfaces moving forward.

    What sets us apart?. . . A LOT .

    “AXION exceeded our expectations across the board. It was clean, simple, fast, the mold is gone (we received test results to prove) AND it saved us a LOT of money. We are so glad we chose AXION.”

    C & W Johnson

    Oregon Residents

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