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    AXION Mold & Water Damage Restoration

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    Why us? . . . Three VERY GOOD reasons . . .

    1 . Demolition Free2 . Save Time and Money3 . AXION Guarantee

    1 .

    Demolition Free Mold Removal

    No demolition. No Construction Zone. We destroy mold, not your home.

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    2 .

    Save Time and Money

    Dry Fog Technology allows us to get the job done faster and lower cost saving you TIME and MONEY.

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    3 .

    A X I O N . Guarantee

    We Guarantee our service. We back it up with independent testing so you can KNOW the job was done right.

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    Mold can be incredibly destructive to your health. Its symptoms start as subtle as migraines, brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, restlessness, sleep apnea, coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, etc. But it gradually escalates to far more serious symptoms like anxiety, depression, and even longterm neurological damage. In any case, mold is NOT something you want in your home. AXION Clean Mold Remediation can take care of the Mold without destroying your home.


    Viruses and germs can dramatically impact our lives, as we have recently experienced through the pandemic. The way your business responds to risk of pathogens and germs can directly affect your ability to conduct business and the lives of the people you serve. Taking a proactive approach can protect your customers, employees, and business reputation. AXION Clean offers best in industry disinfecting services. Not only will it decontaminate your space now, it will protect surfaces moving forward.

    What sets us apart?. . . A LOT .

    “AXION exceeded our expectations across the board. It was clean, simple, fast, the mold is gone (we received test results to prove) AND it saved us a LOT of money. We are so glad we chose AXION.”

    C & W Johnson

    Oregon Residents

    Adam Page
    Adam Page
    Axion was extremely quick to respond on a weekend evening when I called to report water leaking through the ceiling of my two-story home. Ben and Levi arrived at the house within a couple hours. After conducting an investigation, they created a clear & straightforward water damage mitigation plan and outlined the anticipated repairs, providing a comprehensive estimate for both. Levi took the lead on both phases, and I was grateful that Axion spared me the hassle of hiring and coordinating separate contractors. Levi was excellent to work with throughout the project. He communicated clearly, thoroughly, and frequently, often sending updates, photos, and videos through text messages. The quality of Levi‘s work was outstanding. The house is back to normal with the source of the leak fully resolved, and in a much shorter timeframe than estimates I’d received from other companies. Axion’s bid had already been competitive, and then they subtracted a bit from the final invoice when a couple of anticipated services turned out to be unnecessary. I appreciated this demonstration of their transparency and integrity. Thanks very much to Ben and Levi for their help and exceptional service.
    Marnie M
    Marnie M
    This company demonstrated honesty, integrity and earned my trust. First off, Ben spent time talking with me and answering my many questions over the phone, which I really appreciated! I sent him photos, and he was able to give me a ballpark quote over the phone. They were able to schedule time to remediate the mold in my attic in a relative quick timeline (within a week). Levi came to the house and had such a positive, can-do attitude! He was able to quickly remove the mold in the attic with great results (see before & after photos)! When it was time to invoice me, the bill was 10% less than the ballpark quote! Wow! I highly recommend Axion (Ben & Levi)! They are a company you can trust and rely on for results!
    Andrew M
    Andrew M
    Levi and Ben were a pleasure to work with. Unfortunately this is a type of service I cannot really judge on the so-called craftsmanship or overall quality. But Levi and Ben both fostered a dynamic of trust that allows me to rest easy after their service. Trusting that they completed the job, and created a safer environment.
    Stephanie Done
    Stephanie Done
    Your success will be greatly determined on who you hire. This is why I cannot express to you enough how excellent Axion is! If I could give them 10 stars I would. I am someone who battled extreme mold illness and have spent the past two years independently studying mold. Before finding Axion, I’ve hired countless mold “professionals” who have a shallow understanding of mold and are ready to prey off people in crisis. There’s so much misinformation pertaining to mold and some companies knowingly use this to their advantage. Often I’ve seen uneducated Remediators use what I call a “bandaid on a bullet hole” approach, the treatment will fail and the mold comes back with a vengeance. Save yourself the heartache and hire right the first time. This is why I am so incredibly grateful to finally find a mold expert who understands the complexities of mold. Their treatments include the healthiest options available for your home, which is also a very important piece of the puzzle. Their pricing is beyond fair, in fact another company was literally charging customers 7 times more for the exact same test! I couldn’t be more greatful for their professionalism, knowledge and honesty! Trust me, get it right the first time, this is who you want to hire!
    Patrick Narvaez
    Patrick Narvaez
    I had been dealing with a mold issue in my master bathroom for some time and while I'd be able to clear it up short term it would eventually come back. So I wanted to get some help from the pro's and had an excellent experience with both Ben and Levi. Ben got me scheduled immediately and then Levi came over on the 4th of July holiday and diagnosed the root cause of the problem and the same day completed the full treatment and got the room in the best shape it's been since I moved in. Everything was flawless, professionally and efficiently done. Levi was an all around all-star and if he's the one coming to your appointment you wont be disappointed. I highly recommend you give Ben and his team a call.
    YOW Football
    YOW Football
    Spoke with Ben today and he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding my mold issue. He was able to answer all of my questions. Axion will be our go to options for all mold problems. Thanks again for the great customer service.
    Helengrace Sanluis
    Helengrace Sanluis
    Ben was quick to respond and help me determine the best course of action for my issue. He was patient with all of my questions and honest in his responses.
    Kerri Heilbrun
    Kerri Heilbrun
    I highly recommend using Axion for all of your mold and water damage issues. We had a wonderful experience with Ben, the owner. He is responsive, trustworthy and professional. He made solid recommendations that were in our best interest. He went above and beyond to get out to our place in a timely manner and it was a pleasure to work with him. When it comes to mold, leave it up to the professionals....Ben at Axion is your man!
    Scott Race
    Scott Race
    Extremely knowledgable, honest and helpful. Thank you so much.
    Jody Heaton
    Jody Heaton
    I called to ask a question, and Ben spent so much time with me on the phone, and gave me some very valuable information. He was honest and forthcoming, and if the need arises in the future, I will definitely be calling him back to do the work!

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