Mold Damage Removal, Mold Inspection, Air Quality Testing, and Disinfecting & Deodorizing Services Of Hillsboro Oregon

Concerned about Mold Damage in your home? Maybe it’s time to get a mold inspection and air quality test for mold. AXION Clean Mold Remediation cna help you get back to life. Or maybe you’re concerned about the impact of viruses on your business? Maybe you’re in need of covid cleaning service. AXION can help you create a safe, sterile environment for your customers and employees. We provide the highest level of clean for all of the above services in the Hillsboro area. We provide independent testing to show that our unique process gives REAL results. We can take on mildew, mold, viruses, germs, or odor-causing bacteria and help you get back to life.

Our Services Include: 

Mold Damage Remediation & Removal Service

Demolition free mold removal is our specialty. That means, we can remove mold from your home without demolition to your home. No smashing walls, ripping out carpets, and turning your home into a construction zone. Our CLEANTEX Dry Fog technology penetrates deep into all of the cracks and crevices where mold and mildew are hiding
CLEANTEX penetrates deep into all of the cracks and dark places that mold grows killing them where they hide. This will remove mold now. But what about the future? We’ve got you covered. Our PROTEX Surface Protection prevents mold, mildew and other pathogens from coming back for months and months. Here’s a cherry on top: We will save you a TON of money. Choosing AXION will save you time, money, and your home. Learn more about or mold removal services here.

Home Inspector For Mold Inspection & Testing

Not sure if you have mold? Concerned that you might? We can help you find out AND we will give you an honest answer. At AXION, we believe integrity is the foundation of a good business. If you have a mold problem, we will tell you. If you don’t, we will tell you. We offer a free visual mold inspection anywhere in the Hillsboro Beaverton area. We will identify where it is and the extent of the problem. In any cases, it’s important to find out. Beyond a visual test we also offer a detailed air quality test for mold. From these, we can confirm the types of mold and the spore count for each. If you suspect mold, but aren’t sure, it’s definitely worth finding out.

Commercial Disinfection & Odor Removal Cleaning Service

With the recent pandemic, commercial disinfecting services are needed now more than ever. There are of course hundreds of companies willing to wipe down surfaces and spray some disinfectant here and there, but what about the areas they miss? What about the air? What about when a sick customer or employee comes in and coughs all over? AXION Clean offers the best in the industry for disinfecting services. CLEANTEX Dry Fog sterilizes all of the places that the other guys miss. The air, carpet, surfaces, and all the nooks and cracks that are impossible for anyone else to clean. Here’s the home run, PROTEX Electrostatic provides up to 90 DAYs of microbe static surface protection. That means if someone comes in sick and coughs on the desk, PROTEX is still protecting.

Environmental Consulting For Indoor Air Quality Testing

There are alot of things in life we can do without. Clean air is NOT one of them. The environmental air quality in your home is really important. If you’re here on our site, it might be because you are already suffering from some of the effects of poor air quality. AXION Clean Mold Remediation offers detailed air quality testing that can identify a lot of different types of airborne pathogens. This service is a small fee, but If you end up choosing to work with us, this service is complimentary.

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