Mold Removal (Demolition FREE)

Our service is changing the industry. Our CLEANTEX Dry Fog technology effectively removes mold and mildew from your home without ripping down walls, tearing out carpet, or turning your home into a construction zone. It also means, we can do the job FASTER & CHEAPER than our competitors. That means you can get back to life & save money.

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Disinfecting Services

Our Disinfecting Services provide the highest level of clean in the industry. CLEANTEX Dry Fog Fills an ENTIRE space sterilizing all the places our competitors can’t. And what about Longterm? Our PROTEX service provides a durable 90 DAY anti-microbial surface protection. That means longterm benefits. Imagine not having to wipe your surfaces 20 times a day. Sound nice?

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Mold Inspection

Think you might have mold? It’s definitely worth finding out. Mold can destroy your health and your home. The longer you wait to find out, the worse the damage can be. At AXION, we provide FREE visual mold inspections. If we think it’s there, we can test . If it’s not, we will give you an honest answer. Call us today to schedule.

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Air Quality Testing

There’s a few things in life we can do without. Quality Air is NOT one of them. Air Quality strongly effects your health. We can get you get the details on exactly what is in the air of your home or business. We use independent 3rd party testing so you can know the results are truthful and un-biased.

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Odor Removal

Got a funky smell you can’t get rid of? Our PROTEX process attacks odor causing bacteria and prevents them from coming back.

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